Sebastião Salgado: The silent drama of photography (TED)
James Nachtwey: My photographs bear witness (TED Prize 2007)
Edward Weston - The Photographer (1948 US Information Agency)
Christopher Burkett: Landscape photographer races to finish decades of work (analog working)
Robert Osborn - Fine-Art Photography (high-quality portraits of Montana Cowboys & Indians)
Martin Hartley reveals photography secrets (expedition and adventure travel photography)
David Yarrow reveals his photography secrets (animal and travel photography)
Harry Gruyaert - Magnum Photographer (Learn Photography with the best on YouPic)
David Hurn - Magnum Photographer (Learn Photography with the best on YouPic)
Documentary Photographer Mary Ellen Mark (Smithsonian American Art Museum)
Albert Watson (at Adobe MAX 2018)
Meeting with the photographer Joel Meyerowitz (Milan 2013/10/28, San Fedele Musica)
David Hume Kennerly - Telling the Story in 1/60th of a Second (TEDxBend)
 Jimmy Nelson - The global language of photography (TEDxCannes)
 Irving Penn at the Intersection of Art, Fashion and Photography Forum
Smithsonian American Art Museum):
Session 1, Session 2, Session 3 
Making of HOME Part1: [Photo-] Book Design, Part2: Book Printing (HOME Project Magnum Photos with the designer Stuart Smith)
Andreas Kranz: Wie groß kann ich mein Bild ausdrucken? (How large can I print my picture? German language)
Sean Tucker: How to Shoot Corporate Headshot Photography (Many tips from practice!)
David Yarrow: Wild Encounters - the story of what I do differently (lecture on aspects of fine art photography; TEDx)
Scott Kelby: Why We Retouch People in Photoshop (about the sense, nonsense and limitations of Retouche and why we should teach our daughters that magazine covers do not show reality; TEDx)
Joel Meyerowitz: The most important advice for an amateur photographer (speech at Photo London, Masters of Photography)
Ken Dolin: The Tao of portraits (TEDxManhattanBeach)
Duncan Davidson - Finding the photograph right before your eyes (TEDxBeaconStreet)
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