Sebastião Salgado: The silent drama of photography (TED)
James Nachtwey: My photographs bear witness (TED Prize 2007)
Edward Weston - The Photographer (1948 US Information Agency)
Christopher Burkett: Landscape photographer races to finish decades of work (analog working)
Edward Weston - The Photographer  (1948, US Information Agency)
Robert Osborn - Fine-Art Photography (high-quality portraits of Montana Cowboys & Indians)
Martin Hartley reveals photography secrets (expedition and adventure travel photography)
David Yarrow reveals his photography secrets (animal and travel photography)
Harry Gruyaert - Magnum Photographer (Learn Photography with the best on YouPic)
David Hurn - Magnum Photographer (Learn Photography with the best on YouPic)
Documentary Photographer Mary Ellen Mark (Smithsonian American Art Museum)
Andreas Kranz: Wie groß kann ich mein Bild ausdrucken? (How large can I print my picture? German language)
Sean Tucker: How to Shoot Corporate Headshot Photography (Many tips from practice!)
David Yarrow: Wild Encounters - the story of what I do differently (lecture on aspects of fine art photography; TEDx)
Scott Kelby: Why We Retouch People in Photoshop (about the sense, nonsense and limitations of Retouche and why we should teach our daughters that magazine covers do not show reality; TEDx)
Joel Meyerowitz: The most important advice for an amateur photographer (speech at Photo London, Masters of Photography)
Ken Dolin: The Tao of portraits (TEDxManhattanBeach)
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